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The imports that your business receives can play a major role in its success. You need to be able to get products from overseas to keep your doors open to the public. However, you also need to accept these products legally and pay the necessary taxes and fees on them. You can make sure all of your imports are legal by hiring a customs lawyer for your business.

Paying the Required Duties and Taxes

The customs attorney that you hire for your business can advise you on paying taxes on imports that your business receives. When you order products for your company from overseas, you may be responsible for paying the duties and taxes on them. You may need to pay these fees before the products can be shipped domestically to your business.

However, you also need to know how much the fees are and where you should pay them. You also want to be sure that you are not being overcharged. You can make sure the duties and taxes are accurate and legal by retaining a customs attorney to consult you in your business activities.

Filing Damage Claims

You may also need help filing a claim if the imports that you ordered are damaged during shipment. You do not want to pay for products that you cannot sell to your customers. You may feel that you have recourse against the manufacturer or shipping company.

Your customs attorney can find out where and how to make a damaged claim. Your lawyer can then file that claim for you and make sure that the responsible party pays out the claim to make up for damages to products that you ordered from overseas.

Representation During a Customs Audit

Finally, your customs attorney can represent you and your business if you are chosen for a customs audit. The customs enforcement agency may select your business for an audit if you receive a significant amount of imports or if your shipments could be deemed suspicious. Your customs attorney can make sure the agency realizes that your imports are legal and that you pay all of the duties and taxes on them as required.

A customs attorney can provide valuable services to your business. He or she can first advise you on what fees you need to pay to receive shipments. Your lawyer can also help you file a damage claim and represent you during an audit.

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